• Consulting business model investment of car wash & care.
  • Produce, supply, and install automatic car wash equipment.
  • Distribute car accessories and cleaning agents.
  • Franchise 5S car wash & care chain stores.
  • Provide high-quality car wash & care service at home.

So far, GO&GO is proud to have established more than 300 automatic car wash stations. We are delighted to share valuable business advice that has been drawn from the journey of practical experience to our customers. We accompany and lead the customers to achieve success from potential and useful models.


We are always proud to have been continually building a team with strong logical thinking and competence. The criteria for building our team include 3 elements: Wisdom – Power – Love.

At Go&Go, our employees can create all optimal conditions to devote themselves and appreciated for their achievements. Besides, they can upgrade a comprehensive level of thinking, skills, as well as professional knowledge.