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I am Nguyen Truong Tuyen – CEO of 5S Auto Car Wash & Care Chain

Recently, when the press reports on Shark Tank Viet Nam Season 3, I recall that 2 years ago, when my wife and I went to raise capital together at Shark Tank Vietnam Season 1, I immediately came up with the thought of writing to share about things behind the scenes as well as things gained and lost when joining Shark Tank.

On the day of the recording, my wife and I had more than 2 hours of negotiation with Sharks on VTV3 studio, it was a memorable day in my life. I met people who I really admire, and were frankly exchanged with Sharks, especially, I had the opportunity to talk about the “brainchildren” that my partners and I created – that was Chain of Automated Car/ Motorbike Wash & Care 5S & automation equipment made by Vietnamese.

On the day of the broadcast, my partners and I waited to watch. When I found myself on television, I was really surprised. The show was only 15 minutes and there were many details being not available due to limited time. So there were many other interesting things that perhaps outsiders had never had the chance to see.

My raising capital strategy was also different from all of the others. It was full of energy, so there are mixed opinions. Someone even called me as a multi-level worker. In the first time, I was quite sad, but later on, I used it as a driving force to develop stronger and more popular Chain of Automated Car/ Motorbike Wash & Care 5S.

Besides, we also received a lot of positive comments. People often said that broadcast television was an opportunity to promote our products & brand, I had to reaffirm that it was very accurate, moreover Shark Tank was a HOT program at that time. Whether the fundraising is successful or not, the business still has access to television viewers, among millions of viewers there will be people who need and care about the products and services.

The same went for 5S. We were committed to invest 11 billion from Shark Phu and the most important thing was that the number of customers was beyond expectation. The customer service staff’s phone and mine were always in “busy” because of calls from people interested in automatic wash system. Our office were always crowded with visitors to ask for cooperation. In the factory, they had to work overtime to promptly produce and installed for customers on schedule.

Having established our position, we had exported GO&GO Auto Car/Motorbike Wash System and GO&GO Helmet Washer to Southeast Asian countries, which was the great opportunities we had.

We continue to support a lot of customers in all three regions of the North, Central and South to build an Auto Wash & Care model. Furthermore, we are the first and only company in the automatic wash industry to obtain ISO and standardize certification, operate processes, bring the system to a new level.

At the present, our production team continues to research and successfully manufacture the automatic brushed car/motorbike wash system – this is a complete version with advanced, modern photoelectric sensor and is suitable for vehicles. That confirms that the production level of automatic car wash system in Vietnam has approached advanced countries in the world.

In the beginning of 2019, we successfully manufactured Automatic Industrial Dishwasher, the product has created a reputation in the market. Imagine that thousands of dishes of restaurants, wedding centers, industrial catering companies … will be cleaned within an hour and that frees up labor as well as saves human resources fees for food service providers.

Up to now, 5S automatic car/motorbike wash model has got a new level. We not only provide business models including machines and equipment but also share business formulas, human resource management, consulting support and accompany customers throughout the operation. Currently, we continue to find partners with financial and operating capacity in many regions across the country to duplicate this unique business model for many people to join in business cooperation great results.

5S Car/Motorbike Wash & Care Chain has many plans in the future. We will constantly make efforts to help the car/ motorbike wash & care industry in Vietnam. Maybe you are already a customer of GO&GO, maybe we will have the opportunity to cooperate. You can be a distributor or agent of the GO&GO automatic car wash system. We can help you with a unique business model and revenue beyond your expectation from this industry.

Thank Shark Tank Vietnam for giving me and 5S a valuable image promotion opportunity. Thank customers for accompanying and supporting us in the past time.

Wishing you good health, success and favorable business.

Nguyen Truong Tuyen


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